The October 31 election marks the first four-year fixed term in Queensland.

We must do everything we can’t to get an LNP Government elected.

The fight is going to be tough right across the state.

Labor are doing everything they can to make it impossible for the LNP to win Government.

This includes proposing changes to the Queensland Electoral Act, which would allow Labor and the Unions to spend more than $2 million in Toowoomba North, compared to $150,000 for the LNP.

The odds are stacked against us.

That’s why I am asking for your help to ensure we can fend off Labor’s attempt to win Toowoomba North on October 31.

Queensland – and the Darling Downs in particular – needs a strong LNP Government to deliver the road, rail and water infrastructure our region so desperately needs.

Please consider giving generously. Our future depends on it.

Disclosure Warning: Commonwealth and State legislation require disclosure of gifts to registered political parties. For more information about gift threshold amounts and reporting periods contact the LNP’s Finance Manager on (07) 3844 0666, or  ECQ (1300 881 665 or about State obligations and the AEC (13 23 26 or for information about Commonwealth obligations.